Y25 XLs

The bogie Y25 XLs is an advanced version, developed by our engineers, of the railway wagon bogie Y25.


It is designed and approved for a wheelset load of 25 t.


Depending on the variant concerned, a brake linkage for 60 kN with composite brake shoe soles or for 120 kN with grey cast iron brake shoe soles is used.


The design reflects the experience gained in the course of utilisation of the Y25. By using play free side bearers, for example, it has been possible to improve the running properties, in particular of the empty vehicle. The modified mounting for the straps is expected to reduce the wear rate.


The bogie is extremely reliable in operation.


Manufacturing at ELH is carried out with our own set of drawings.



Axle load25t
Maximum speed  
  Running behaviour120km/h
  Brake behaviour  
    up to 25 t WSL100km/h
Wheel base1800mm
Wheel diameter920mm
Basic version4700kg