Y25 Lsd1 - variable gauge

The design of bogie type Y25 Lsd1 - variable gauge is based on the standard railway wagon bogie type Y25 designed for use on standard gauge tracks, tracks of Finish Railways VR and broad gauge tracks of the CIS and Baltic states on which trains with wheelsets of variable gauge 1520 mm / 1524 mm are operating.


The construction of the bogie corresponds to that of the type Y25, the main cross-member being wider so that the greater axle centre distance of 2036 mm for operation on broad-gauge tracks can be achieved.


The bogie is characterised by a simple construction and is extremely reliable in operation.


The gauge can be automatically changed thanks to the use of whelssets of variable gauge and brake block resetting devices. For changing the gauge the wagon is moved at a speed of up to approx. 15 km/h over an axle gauge changeover point and can subsequently continue its journey without delay with the new gauge.


Manufacturing at ELH is carried out with our own set of drawings.



Axle load22,5t
Track gauge1435 /1524 mm
Maximum speed  
  Running behaviour120km/h
  Brake behaviour  
Wheel base1800mm
Wheel diameter920mm
Basic version5500kg