Y27 Ls-A

The bogie Y27 Ls-A is a variant of the standard railway wagon bogie Y27. When used in railway track machinery, the bogie is equipped with wheelset gear units and hydrostatic motors.


As the Y27 does not have a buffer beam, it was to utilise the resultant free space for accommodating a powerful drive unit. The wheelsets can be brake on one side only, however.


To allow the bogie to be used at a maximum speed of 100 km/h permitted in terms of braking in the loaded condition, composite brake shoe soles have to be employed.

For connecting the brake linkage to the vehicle body, the lateral drawbars are connected with an intermediate lever.


At the end of the soles bars of the bogie, predrilled plates are provided, onto which special attachments such as rail guards can be fitted.


Manufacturing at ELH is carried out based on our own set of drawings.



Axle load20t
Maximum speed  
  Running behaviour120km/h
  Brake behaviour  
Wheel base1800mm
Wheel diameter920mm
Basic version5400kg