Y33 A2ELHssif

The bogie Y33 A2ELHssif is an advanced version of the railway wagon bogie Y33 A. It is designed to operate at speeds up to 140 km/h on tracks where no braking is required.


The bogie frame has been modified and additionally lowered to allow the bogie to be used in special car transport units. In accordance with the customer's requests, the side bearers are used in the bogie to generate the brake force.


To the use of composite brake shoe soles, the bogie can be safely braked also in the loaded condition up to 16 t at the maximum speed of 120 km/h.

A version fitted with a connection for a hand brake pulling bar is a available.


Manufacturing at ELH is carried out with our own set of drawing based on the SNCF licence.



Axle load16t
Maximum speed  
  Running behaviour140km/h
  Brake behaviour  
    up to 16 t120km/h
Wheel base2000mm
Wheel diameter680mm
Basic version3900kg