Y25 Ls(s)d1 - UIC design

The bogie Y25 Ls(s)d1 is a variant of the standard railway wagon bogie Y25.


The features a particularly robust brake linkage for handling a brake pulling force of 120 kN and is suited for ss-traffic.


The block brake of the brake system makes is possible to use the bogie at 100 effective braking power for wheelset loads up to 18 t.

The decrease in the effective braking power to 90 % permissible according to UIC leaflet 543 allows the bogie to be used at speeds up to 120 km/h with 20 t wheelset load.


The bogie is extremely reliable in operation.


Manufacturing at ELH is carried out based on the set of drawing standardised by ERRI.



Axle load 22,5t
Maximum speed  
  Running behaviour120km/h
  Brake behaviour  
    up to 20 t 120km/h
    up to 22,5 t100km/h
Wheel base1800mm
Wheel diameter920mm
Basic version4500kg