The RC25NT-C bogie is a newly developed freight wagon bogie for an axle load of 25t.


It is characterised by a particularly simple design and frame structure.


The two-stage suspension has a rubber spring in the primary suspension and a progressive spring in the secondary suspension. The rubber spring, together with the wheel set coupling, ensures the good radial steering in curves and a high stability in straight track.


For the braking a compact brake unit is used with composition brake blocks.


axle load25t
maximum speed  
  running behaviour  
    up to 22,5 t axle load120km/h
    above 22,5 t axle load100km/h
  brake behaviour  
    up to 16,5 t axle load120km/h
    above 16,5 t axle load100km/h
wheelset base1800mm
wheel diameter920mm
basic version4100kg